We offer Marketing Workshops, Communications and Web Reviews, Internet Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Plan Development, Target Market Definition, and Marketplace Assessments.

Marketing Courses/Workshops

Do you or your team need to refresh or strengthen your marketing skills? Sharing our knowledge and transferring skills to marketing teams has helped our clients gain and improve their marketing skills. Currently we offer full day workshops on Marketing Planning and Marketing Communications. We are also available for in-house workshops in marketing execution, communications, direct mail, key messages and target market definition depending on your need.

Communications Reviews

Do your marketing materials, website, presentations or your tradeshow booth carry consistent messages? Are the communications that are sent to new customers, existing customers, the sales teams or employees reflecting the right messages? TMT Solutions can help you conduct a communications audit and prepare a recommendation of how to deliver the right message to the right people every time.

Internet Marketing

Are you looking to create an online presence? We will help you get on the web by designing and developing your website using web design standards and common sense. We can also get you started with social media by building a social media strategy and creating company profiles on the appropriate channels. We also offer expertise in using the internet as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

Website Reviews

Having an effective website can help create awareness and provide knowledge to your potential customers. We can help you improve your website by providing a website review. This review is based on usability, functionality, design, content and competitive criteria.

Marketing Strategy Development

Working with you, we can help you assess your current marketing initiatives and create an end-to-end strategy that gains and retains customers. We focus on target markets, key messages and positioning. Our team is skilled in understanding roadblocks and how to fix them.

If you are a start-up business, we can work with you to build an appropriate strategy to get your business up and running.

Target Market Definition

Choosing the best target market for your product or service is crucial to creating an effective marketing plan. We will help you select and define an appropriate target market using demographics, psychographics and buying behaviour.

Marketplace Assessment

Identifying opportunities, market trends and the competitive environment will ensure the proper positioning of your offer, product or service. Using our market management experience, we will work with you to create a marketplace overview outlining size, trends, existing competition and potential opportunities.

Key Message Development

Having the right key messages that resonate with your target market is another key element of your marketing plan. We can help you build clear and concise messages to carry through all of your marketing activities.

Marketing Plan Development

Developing an end to end marketing campaign with well-defined activities to drive results and reach your target market is every marketer’s goal. We will work with you to build a clear and measurable plan.

Marketing Plan Assessment

Proper evaluation of the marketing plan including activities, processes and timing will save costs and also help to identify gaps. Working with TMT Solutions, you will receive the guidance to assess your existing plans and recommendations on how to close any gaps